Prove it!

When you make claims in marketing, you have to prove it.  SONY does this brilliantly with their new packaging for their water proof walkman . While this type of product clearly demands ‘proof’, the arts need to consider ‘prove it’ as a component of consideration in their marketing campaigns.

As marketing communications take their potential audience through AIDA (attention, interest, desire and action), each must prove that the experience will be worth not only the money but the time investment of the audience.  This is particularly important for pieces targeted to the inconstant buyer — the once every once in awhile, single ticket buyer.  Yet, much of what is distributed to the masses remains product oriented — an announcement of an event with, at best, a juicy description.  What makes that experience worth the time and the money over all the other options for your audience’s leisure time? Do review quotes effectively prove it? Do social media conversations prove it? As our audience demographics are shifting and the skepticism of audiences grows toward traditional marketing — peer-to-peer engagement with the artists will increasingly provide the proof that will sway a single ticket buyer.


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