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LEDs that communicate could create ‘smart’ environments

Disney researchers have demonstrated that light bulbs can do more that just illuminate our rooms — they could communicate with each other, with objects and with the Internet, to create ‘smart’ environments.Transmitting

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The IoT is something all arts technologists need to consider adding to their world.  Beacons were a start.  Google Glass was interesting.  Disney is clearly moving into new arenas with RFID and now using light as a stream of information.

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Google Analytics Bounce Rate Reference Guide

Do you understand what is meant by ‘bounce rate’ in your Google Analytics? Do you want to know how to reduce it? This post explains everything

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It could be that your site is designed with all the information on the home page, but that would be rare.  Bounce rate is a useful analytic point for arts organizations wanting to increase engagement online.  The strategy is to have content feeders on the home page.

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Six Tips To Stay Ahead of Social Media Trends

Besides new features added to Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and Pinterest, new social media sites are launched that do different things. Being on the forefront of social media changes can be accomplished. Here are a few suggestions on ways you can do just that.

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Arts organizations need to be focused on their work, so these quick and easy short cuts can save a lot of time. Case in point, Facebook is rolling out yet again another marketing algorithm using data from users ‘likes’. If I didn’t have that coming to me from a NYTimes Bits email subscription, I could have missed it. Use your technology to serve you (not the other way around)

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