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Its Time to Come Back to the Grid

After a tumultuous couple of years of life serving up more tangy and bitter than sweet, I have returned to this blog with a new passion and focus.  I will continue to focus on the nonprofit and cultural management sectors that are my passion and life’s work, but will include more on social entrepreneurism. Central to this is the idea that relative to the world, 99% of the arts nonprofits out there are more like start up social entrepreneurial enterprises than a social nonprofit or mid-sized business.  Armed with that new perspective intersecting the Ford Foundation’s framing of the arts within a nonprofit context offers a new view to provide solutions as the world changes around us.  And, I always support embracing a little Shakespeare and use what works wherever it comes from (assuming its legal and you’ve paid for any rights that might be involved, of course).

Finally, as I am spending additional time supporting early and mid-career professionals I have added a resources section where I can upload interesting links, articles, and toolkits.  These resources will be augmented by career viewpoints from the grid join more managerial / operational musings.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to engage!


What is “The View from the Grid”

The “Grid” in this context is the highest level of a theatre loft to which the infrastructure of the backstage structure is attached. A View from that high a position is typically intense — your footing is insecure as their are gaps in between the beams, the distance to the stage is death should you fall, and the experience of watching a performance from that vantage reveals all the internal moving parts.

A “View from the Grid” offers my personal experience as a manager of in the nonprofit arts sector and professor of history and arts management — the good, the bad, and the ugly — sometimes adding a social and historic framework to what is working, what isn’t and what to look out for in the near future.